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Discussions at this year’s Annual Telco Cloud Forum demonstrated distinct trends amongst telecommunication professionals.

The following questions were common during the debates, workshops, and panels:

“How can we monetize what the cloud can offer enterprises?”

The cloud data center market is not only highly competitive, it’s highly unforgiving. To be a leader, the market demands predictable and guaranteed high-performance interconnections 24/7/365. It also involves facilitating and streamlining the ordering and deployment of cloud services from a provider.

In order to expand service offerings and deliver compelling competitive-differentiating value to end customers, while maintaining the quality connectivity assurance today’s data center customers demand, service providers need a solution to establish interconnectivity between cloud data center operators, process customer orders, monitor services and assure connection quality, and manage adds, changes, and disconnects.

“How can we make sense of the vast volumes of data that we are now presented with?” 

The answer to this question involves some of the biggest buzz words from the past few years “big data analytics”. Thankfully, these buzz words are now a reality and by combining distributed virtualized computing with big data analytics, service providers are able to:

  • Create logical connections between cloud data centers cages, i.e. the "cloud exchange"
  • Automate ordering, billing, and provisioning through a customer-facing, self-service portal
  • Integrate Service OAM and customer SLA reports to measure service performance and real-time service state
  • Rapidly extend inter-carrier SLA connectivity to branch offices

 “How can we manage our growing and complex networks?”

Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) is becoming a big topic in the telecommunications world. Service visualization modules provide actionable insight around network management and assurance operations across all segments of the network.

To learn more about CENX’s innovative Lifecycle Service Orchestration solutions, read the complimentary white paper: Service Orchestration for Next-Generation SDN & NFV Networks.

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