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All service providers today rely on off-net circuits. Period.

This can represent a massive recurring cost for which service providers have little to no visibility of performance and inventory, but are highly dependent on for service completion and to ensure an optimal customer experience across multiple carrier domains. The level of dependence on off-net circuits varies based on a few factors: quantity of existing wireline assets, location of existing asset, and the enterprise customers being served.

Here's why service providers are so dependent on off-net circuit:

  1. Variable service definitions– Every service provider has its own unique Ethernet service definition based on a myriad of parameters that provide great service differentiation, but spawn unique configuration processes across different vendor equipment types.
  2. Manual inter-carrier ordering processes – Ordering between providers typically relies on lengthy manual processes – including order submission through disparate service provider portals assuming there is a common understanding of service attributes and definitions, and ongoing tracking.
  3. Limited inter-carrier inventory view – Inventory data from AVs is often limited to ordering process details so it’s virtually impossible to get a single real-time common view of Ethernet asset inventory serving all customers, regardless of provider.
  4. Inability to relate performance to SLAs – Ability to monitor service-impacting issues and relate this to SLAs is a challenge.
  5. Inaccurate billing reconciliation – As service providers transition from TDM-based circuits to Ethernet, they are often challenged to assure that the service turn-down and turn-up is accurately reflected in monthly access provider billing to them, and in their inventory systems to avoid significant cost leakage. How can service providers ensure that they are getting the bandwidth for which they are paying when using off-net Ethernet circuits?

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