Matt Mariani

Marketing Specialist, CENX

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Industry Recognition Marks a Momentous Y...

Matt Mariani   |     13, Dec 2017

Supporting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Matt Mariani   |     06, Dec 2017

The Top List of 5G Use Cases

Matt Mariani   |     30, Nov 2017

CENX Makes Noise at MEF17

Matt Mariani   |     23, Nov 2017

CENX Joins World-Class Speaker Line-up a...

Matt Mariani   |     08, Nov 2017

Prepare for the NFV Generation

Matt Mariani   |     01, Nov 2017

CENX Joins the Third Network Party at ME...

Matt Mariani   |     25, Oct 2017

How Does CENX Enable Network Automation?

Matt Mariani   |     18, Oct 2017

CENX: Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Matt Mariani   |     06, Oct 2017
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