Matt Mariani

Marketing Specialist, CENX

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Serving Up Some Fun in the Sun

Matt Mariani   |     21, Jul 2017

Take a Load Off, and Put the Load on WiF...

Matt Mariani   |     12, Jul 2017

Unlocking the Power of SD-WAN

Matt Mariani   |     06, Jul 2017

It's All About the Customer

Matt Mariani   |     29, Jun 2017

CENX Hands Over the Reins to Telecom Vet...

Matt Mariani   |     22, Jun 2017

Unlock Your Network With Advanced Analyt...

Matt Mariani   |     15, Jun 2017

CENX Joins ETSI Open Source MANO Communi...

Matt Mariani   |     08, Jun 2017

Top 3 Takeaways from TM Forum Live! 2017

Matt Mariani   |     07, Jun 2017

What Does It Take To Operationalize NFV?

Matt Mariani   |     04, May 2017
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