While visiting customers in Asia last week, we celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year. As we listened to service providers discuss their key pain points, big data analytics was foremost on their minds as the remedy. All totaled, five key “wants and needs” consistently entered our conversations. 

Big Data Analytics

For service providers in Asia, big data analytics will be a key enabling technology in the Year of the Horse. Service providers need big data analytics to aggregate data from multiple sources, continually audit services data, and compare and reconcile it. The benefit is trusted intelligence they can apply to services enhancements, cost cutting and innovation.

Circuit Monitoring

If service providers were able to monitor and visualize end-to-end Ethernet circuits—especially off-net—with global partners, they could improve cross-department communication, improve fault management and shorten MTTR, which would ultimately lead to improved performance and reduced costs.


Automation will play a key role in 2014. Blending automation with human action into workflows such as ordering, provisioning, data audit, and data reconciliation functions streamlines operations and eliminates manual error-prone processes.

Migration to Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

Recognizing that SDN will deliver incremental value for imminent investment, service providers are planning SDN migration strategies.

Competitive Differentiation

Global Ethernet service providers are looking to differentiate product from static connections, rack space, etc.

Jumping back to the big data analytics conversation for a moment—we should note that big data analytics is a global conversation. Heavy Reading recently published that “the market for big data technology and services … is set to grow by more than 400% in the next 7 years.” And, “that the expected growth is driven by the need for communications service providers of all types (fixed, mobile, cable) to harness the massive volumes of network, service, and subscriber data at their disposal and put it to good use, including generating new business.” 

Learn more about CENX’s approach to big data analytics and Lifecycle Service Orchestrationread the free White Paper “Service Orchestration for Next-Generation SDN & NFV Networks”.

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