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At this year's Digital Transformation World event (formerly known as TM Forum Live!), the most innovative minds in the telecom industry will make their way to the south of France in beautiful Nice to explore and collaborate on new processes and use cases to lead the next wave of growth in the telecommunications industry.

Aligned with this focus, the CENX team will be among those on hand at the Acropolis Convention Center from May 14 - 16 to share our insights on the latest industry trends and provide demonstrations of our solution's ability to help service providers deliver quality services to their customer.

At meeting room W, located on the third floor, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with our team and learn more about how CENX's real-time analytics, end-to-end network visualization, and automation capabilities enable operators to effectively monitor and assure their hybrid network.

Also during the event, CENX is playing a key role in the hotly anticipated Blade Runner Catalyst project, which showcases the ability to seamlessly deliver and orchestrate a complex 5G-based enterprise service across a diverse ecosystem of partners that includes multiple operators.

Working alongside many of the world’s leading service providers, including Vodafone, Verizon, NTT, BT, AT&T, Orange, du Telecom and Telecom Italia Mobile, the Catalyst aims to develop the underlying OSS infrastructure required for multiple service providers to work in tandem to deliver end-to-end service orchestration for large enterprise customers with multiple global locations and complex service assurance scenarios.

By enabling carriers to model 5G services and expose them between operators by leveraging industry standards and open APIs, the Catalyst seeks to enable faster deployment of vendor-agnostic cloud services with:

  • Unified shared service catalogs
  • Complex service chains in diverse environments
  • Multi-operator, automated closed-loop service assurance
  • Multi-operator, wholesale enterprise billing/charging

Project lead, Dimitris Symeonidis of Vodafone, believes that this project is the first step in realizing a new era of high bandwidth, low latency services. "To successfully deliver complex and innovative services, including augmented reality, we need to enable a diverse partner ecosystem that works together seamlessly," says Symeonidis. "It is here where 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) need to come together to deliver enterprise services across partner networks, supported by closed-loop assurance and using industry frameworks and standards.”

CENX’s role in this industry-first project is to provide the closed-loop assurance piece used to help maintain service quality. Through its ability to continually ingest data from across service providers, CENX is able to monitor the service end-to-end and is able to trigger the appropriate healing or scaling functions needed to fix issues before the customer is impacted.

Jay McMullan, who is VP of marketing and sales at CENX, says this is a positive step for the company. "We are excited to be part of an initiative that is propelling us towards a world where exciting IoT applications and 5G services, such as smart industries, connected cars and remote surgeries, can become a reality," says McMullan. "Critical to supporting these complex services is the ability to support closed-loop assurance across different service providers, which is where CENX’s expertise comes into play."

Visit the Blade Runner team at Catalyst Zone 3 to receive a live demo of the remote industrial maintenance use case, showcasing how a technical engineer in Germany can support an equipment operator in Dubai with augmented reality.

By booking a meeting with one of our team members, not only will you receive a firsthand look at our cutting-edge Catalyst, but you will also have the opportunity to view a demo of our automated, hyper-scale service assurance solution.

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