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CENX has bolstered its commitment to help further the industry-wide work being done on APIs by signing TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto.

CENX joins Telefonica, Vodafone, Ericsson, and 24 other leading global service providers and technology ecosystem participants who have agreed to assist in the development of industry standards for open application programming interface (API) integration.

The goal of this TM Forum-led project is to enable highly automated, zero-touch operations and management of complex services end-to-end across digital ecosystems, delivering higher quality services at lower costs. The initiative provides an avenue for companies with vested SDN and NFV interests to collaborate in simplifying the overhead associated with systems integration.

CENX's Chief Product Officer, Andrew McDonald, believes the standardization of APIs will ease software integration pain for service providers and enterprises, and will allow them to unlock a range of growth and efficiency opportunities.

“Right now, there is no set standard for APIs, which can be problematic when it comes to software integration," says McDonald. "Industry standards for APIs would circumvent the pain points that can be associated with the integration of two or more systems."

By establishing standard APIs, McDonlads adds that it will greatly improve the ability to deliver, manage, and assure complex services across dynamic ecosystems. 

"Monitoring software needs to seamlessly integrate with a newly turned up service immediately, so that the service can be effectively monitored the instant deployment is complete," explains McDonald. "Without industry standards in place, there can be a lot of up-front issue mitigation, prolonging the duration of a service launch and driving up deployment costs."

CENX was awarded a TM Forum Frameworx™ Conformance Certification for its namesake product in April 2017. Through its continued work with standards bodies, such as TM Forum, service providers can be confident that CENX's software provides them with the tools required for success in today's hyper-connected world.

TM Forum has set the ambitious target to reach implementation of Open APIs in 200 operators, covering more than 5 billion subscribers across the globe, by 2018. The Forum hopes that by developing these common industry APIs, it will help improve business and operational processes across the telecom industry.

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