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CENX will be participating in and sponsoring the upcoming SDN & NFV show in Nice, France on September 15.

SDN & NFV Summit
September 15 - 17, 2014
Nice, France


If you're attending this show, don't miss CENX's panelist Martin Singer discuss open innovation & softwarization on September 16 at 9:00am local time. Panel topics will include:

  • Will open architectures facilitate future cooperation and service innovation between operators? 
  • Industry “softwarisation” is an unstoppable trend, because of the technology evolution and the costs reductions it will bring 
  • This trend will move “competition” from hardware to software, lowering the threshold for several players to enter into the ICT/Telco arenas. This is moving from the Economy of Resources to the Economy of Information: new business models and new forms of collaboration and competitions will be required 
  • Network Operators and Service Providers have new business opportunities, when looking jointly at global markets, through exploitation of interoperable virtual platforms. Not only will the integration of Cloud/IT and Carriers’ Networks happen, but the distinction between the Carriers’ Network and what connects to it will disappear: any terminals, devices, machines, smart things, robots, drones etc will look like nodes (at the edge of current networks) providing users with “any services for a better life”

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