The average tier 1 service provider network generates about 1 million events per minute – for example from performance monitoring tools.  Just think about it – that’s 60 million events per hour and upwards of 1 Billion per day, give or take.  And that’s just for one tool set. That’s a lot of data.

Clearly, service providers aren’t suffering from lack of data.   But can they trust it?  Is that circuit really down or just out of service for a scheduled maintenance update – a schedule that is captured in another database in the network and updated each day by a 3rd party access provider.  How can they derive intelligence from the deluge of data that they see each day, and the data that they don’t see.  It’s an overwhelming problem that network operations teams face every day.

What if your network had a conscience? A system you could trust to give you the right data, and help you make the right call about what to do about it – a system that could provide you with accurate, actionable network intelligence.

Life would be so much better:

  • Clarity around service performance monitoring – is this SLA impacting, are penalties due to me, reporting that sectionalizes faults so I know which access provider to call.
  • Accurate inventory data that means accurate device configuration and provisioning – and faster service turn-up
  • How about getting an end to end view of your network – including your on-net services and yes, off-net services.  Often a complete blind spot in your network monitoring.

Every transport network needs a conscience – one that can collect, correlate and aggregate all that data generated from existing OSS and other data sources.  And visualize it within a single pane, and make it completely actionable.

Hang on, I know what you are thinking – is this another OSS?  No – it’s a new generation of solution that brings the programmability of software to network data and services.

1)     Big data analytics

2)     Automation

3)     Web 2.0

And one that will play a key role in orchestrating services across today’s IP networks and next generation software-defined networks.

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