Last week at MEF GEN14, CENX’s Director of Business Development, Paul McCluskey, sat down with Jim Carroll from Converge! Network Digest to discuss how Service Orchestration is transforming the networks of service providers across the globe.

When Paul was asked, "How is Service Orchestration transforming networks?", here's what he had to say:

"Orchestration isn't necessarily a new thing.

In the past, we've had process automation in OSS for a particular technology or fulfilment assurance, but it’s normally been in a specific domain.

Now, we're seeing Lifecycle Service Orchestration as an emerging evolution. We are now focusing more on the end-to-end lifecycle of a service, including: design, fulfilment and assurance for monitoring.

Before, orchestration used multiple systems, but it’s now evolved to using a single system.

There are already service providers investing in Lifecycle Service Orchestration and deploying systems. Typically, they start off in insurance, and then grow into fulfillment or vice-versa. But, they’re reusing that same system to get the benefits. Lifecycle Service Orchestration is helping service providers reduce operations cost, providing a single view to the users and increasing automation within their business."

Prefer to watch the video? Check it out! 

Interested in learning more about Service Orchestration? Download our latest white paper, "Service Orchestration for Next-Generation SDN & NFV Networks". 

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