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There are two emerging industry thrusts in network operations, which are accelerating the transformation of a service provider networks:

  1.      Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  2.      Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

With SDN and NFV, a service provider can provide differentiated, revenue-generating services to their customers while reducing operational costs and simplifying network management.

But how can you bridge the gap between legacy network infrastructure and next-generation SDN and NFV innovations?

…with Service Orchestration!

What does Service Orchestration do?

  1. Service Orchestration bridges the gap between the existing and next-generation SDN and NFV components using APIs for interoperability and full service lifecycle management, which the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) refers to as The Third Network.
  1. It supports multi-vendor and multi-provider networks, so services are activated quickly, and quality of service is assured, end-to-end.
  1. It looks at the network the same way you do: top-down from the service layer.
  1. More specifically, a Service Orchestrator automates the entire lifecycle of network services across functional domains.
  1. Service Orchestration is the intelligent outer cortex that brings everything together for full lifecycle management of advanced data services.

To learn more about the importance Service Orchestration plays in unleashing the full potential of SDN and NFV, download the white paper, “Service Orchestration for Next-Generation SDN & NFV Networks”. 

SDN White Paper

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