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At school, your teacher might ask your class to pass the ball from the back of the class, to the front of the class.

How does it get there? 

Everybody in your class will choose a different way to get the ball to the front of the class. The ball will go in a lot of different directions. Some people will probably pass it gently. Some people will throw it as hard as they can. Some people will roll it. Some of your classmates may touch the ball twice. Some of your friends might even drop the ball!

The Internet is like your kindergarten classroom.

A Software-Defined Network is one in which the teacher first lines you all up in a straight line, then tells you to take the ball from the child on your right and pass the ball to the other child on the left. 


And you do what you’re told. 

The ball travels quickly and with few mistakes in a straight-line to the front of the class. This saves you and your friends a lot of time since the ball gets to the back of the classroom much faster.

To learn more about how SDN plays a key roll in helping a service provider achieve their goals of providing differentiated and quality-assured service to their customer, download the white paper, “Service Orchestration for Next-Generation SDN & NFV Networks”. 

SDN White Paper

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