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At last week’s MEF16 conference in Baltimore, CENX had the outstanding distinction of being named the recipient of the MEF 2016 Excellence Award for Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Technology of the Year. This award win, which recognizes CENX’s technological excellence and innovation in the global Third Network community, comes on the heels of an already successful 2016 where CENX has been recognized by Telecoms World Middle East and the IEEE.

MEFAward_Graphic-01-1.jpgSince the technology was first introduced, service providers have primarily focused on spinning up and integrating Virtual Network Functions into their existing network as it offers significant opportunities to deliver new data services to customers. Recently, that mindset has begun to shift as service providers are now interested in assuring services across hybrid physical and virtual infrastructure.

Service providers are now at a crossroads where they must make significant decisions regarding how they will manage their virtualized infrastructure going forward. This endorsement from the MEF reinforces CENX’s ability to help solve this problem by accelerating and assuring end-to-end operations across multi-vendor and multi-domain networks.

In the past, the word ‘orchestration’ has been used more often in the context of service fulfillment. However, we cannot be too quick to overlook the importance of service assurance. This win reinforces the value of assurance orchestration as a key part of the lifecycle, and showcases to the market that service providers need automation in both the fulfillment and assurance processes in order to be successful going forward.

The 11th annual MEF Awards, which were presented on November 8th, spotlighted leadership in emerging dynamic Third Network services powered by CE 2.0 + LSO, NFV, and SDN networking technologies. CENX shares this award win with Amdocs.

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