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By now one thing has become abundantly clear, NFV isn’t just another craze, it is the real deal and it has become one of the great disruptors in the telecom industry.

To thrive in the era of NFV, service providers need to reevaluate their tools and processes to keep pace with the agility and flexibility brought on by virtualization. 5G, which is expected to launch in 2018, and high-value services such as SD-WAN and vCPE, will cause operators to face customer demand and increased strain on their operations the likes never experienced before.

Indeed, if service providers don’t plan for the technologies that are to come, things could become messy. To ensure a smooth transition to virtualization, service providers require a solution that enables them to deliver and manage complex services over hybrid NFV and physical networks.

Traditional systems, frankly, will no longer cut it as they lack the ability to support the blend of technologies in this multi-vendor, multi-domain environment.

It is only with a robust, next-gen service assurance solution will service providers have the ability to consistently deliver high-quality services to their customers. A unified view of the network and services, closed-loop automation, and enhanced monitoring are all necessary features to support this transformation.

NFV is a step into the future, offering opex and capex savings as well as innovative service opportunities for service providers. However, to ensure its success it is vital to have a solution that’s capable of standing up to the task.

In the near future, CENX will be making a major company announcement which will help service providers prepare for the NFV generation. Stay tuned...


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