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Service providers have begun to migrate towards cloud-based network services, as virtualization promises to increase network agility and flexibility. While SDN and NFV technology has many buzzing about the possibilities brought on by improved infrastructure, its impact on customer-facing activities needs to be considered.

In the past, service providers relied on proprietary and isolated operations support systems (OSS) to support service fulfillment, delivery, and assurance. However, in order to keep pace with the increasing demands of customers and dynamism of networks, service providers require a new way of operating – one that’s more agile and scalable than legacy solutions.

Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) has helped to fill that gap. This new software platform merges together elements of legacy OSS/BSS, SDN and NFV, and network infrastructure to provide the service deployment and assurance tools required to orchestrate high quality, on-demand services.


SDxCentral’s recently published 2017 Next-Gen OSS and the Rise of LSO Report examines the importance of LSO as a platform which service providers will use to innovate, and to scale their businesses.

According to the report, the drivers for adoption of next-gen OSS and LSO stem from the increasing demands of customers, the competitive environment service providers find themselves in, and the emergence of open source software.

Also highlighted in the report are:

  • Key attributes and requirements of next-gen OSS and LSO solutions
  • The MEF Model for LSO Functions
  • The relationship between LSO, SDN and NFV

Finally, the report profiles some of the top vendors offering next-gen OSS and LSO products in the marketplace, illustrating key product differentiators. In this year’s edition of the report, CENX was identified as one of the companies driving innovation within the industry thanks to our solution’s ability to enable service providers to deliver agile, assured, and orchestrated services.

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