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Just as the King in the North, Jon Snow, was resurrected to lead his people to victory [sorry, not sorry about the spoilers], Ottawa’s reputation as Silicon Valley North is having new life breathed into it.

The days of Ottawa being renowned as a high-tech hotbed may finally be returning as the recent explosion of tech companies with headquarters and offices in the city and the pool of exceptional local talent from schools like the University of Ottawa and Carleton University have helped to reshape its tech sector.

With Ottawa’s tech ecosystem experiencing a resurgence, attracting top talent to keep pace with growth has been a key focus. Companies such as CENX (who are hiring) have become a key piece to the puzzle as they showcase all that Ottawa has to offer potential job seekers: career growth, working with new technology, and diversity.

CENX’s Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Erica Watts, says hiring homegrown talent is a no-brainer as Canada’s ability to develop strong engineers and software developers will undoubtedly help companies excel.

“We want to be able to reach all of Ottawa through a recruiting perspective. We have so many incredibly talented developers here. There are so many smart people here, it is outstanding.”

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