Networks are incredibly complex!

So what’s the solution to managing a complex network? A lot of people say the solution is simplification. They come up with something that's simpler, but unfortunately they never remove the “old world” technologies. This leaves them with new and old technologies, making things infinitely more complex.

What’s the solution?

The key lies with the concept of abstraction, which hides the underlying complexity of a network. For example, almost everyone can use PowerPoint to create visually appealing presentations, but very few people know what’s going on under the hood. All you need to understand is PowerPoint’s basic user-friendly interface.

For some reason, this isn't what's happening with OSS.

The standard is a functional silo model, where each OSS has to hold detailed information for each domain to fulfill its function. The challenge is trying to keep each information model in sync with what’s going on in all of the networks. Every time a change is made in one network domain, changes need to be made in all other systems and they must all support each other.

This image helps to understand the complexity. It represents a complete lack of abstraction. 


If we really are going to move to a more agile, high-speed world, it's essential that people break away from this model of OSS. 

To learn more about the role abstraction plays in service management, watch the webinar, "NFV's Biggest Barrier: Overcoming the Operations Challenge".

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