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Last week in San Francisco, NetEvents held their Global Cloud Innovation Summit. This year’s event featured the new Clouded Leopard’s Den award; a competition that recognizes top innovative cloud computing start-ups.

5-Cloud-Innovation-Awards-Finalists-938253-editedFinalists for the event were chosen a week prior to the event and they were split into two categories. The early-stage innovator finalists were Taplink, Truedash, and Innovate Create Ltd. The later-stage, pre-IPO finalists, were Mirantis, Viptela, and CENX.

For the final stage in the Clouded Leopards Den competition, finalists presented “Shark Tank” or “Dragon’s Den”-style elevator pitches to the judges on the merits of their start-up.  Representing CENX at the competition was Nan Chen, Co-Founder and Executive Vice-Chairman.

In addition to the premiere of the Clouded Leopard’s Den award, this year’s Global Cloud Innovation Summit provided organizations with a lot of valuable information on business trends and the future of cloud. Here are a few key points from the event:

1. The #1 issue for the public cloud is security

Standards bodies are recognizing that they need to move faster to set guidelines and provisions to ensure assured services. The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is working to define Software-Defined Networking (SDN) standards and they are now trying to use the Dev/Ops agile method for standards. A trend that is emerging recently is collaboration between standards bodies. For example, the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and TM Forum are collaborating on a model to accelerate delivery of on-demand, cloud-centric connectivity services.

2. Organization process is the biggest barrier to cloud migration

When it comes to cloud migration, the biggest barrier is actually the organization process. There were lots of references to Lifecycle Service Orchestration being required at different layers (e.g. MANO) to help with the transition.

3. Private to hybrid private/public cloud

Enterprises are moving from solely private cloud approaches to hybrid private/public cloud approaches.

4. CIO and CTO are merging

The roles of CIO and CTO are merging as network infrastructures are evolving and next-generation SDN and NFV solutions are gaining popularity. 


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