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CENX Named “Outstanding Digital Enableme...

Erica Watts   |     17, May 2017

The Leading Lights of the Telecom Indust...

Matt Mariani   |     19, Apr 2017

CENX Continues on its Fast Track to Succ...

Matt Mariani   |     21, Nov 2016

CENX Takes Home MEF Excellence Award

Matt Mariani   |     14, Nov 2016

CENX Makes its Mark in the Middle East

Matt Mariani   |     09, Nov 2016

CENX Aims to Make its Mark in the Middle...

Matt Mariani   |     18, Aug 2016

Shining the Light on Orchestrated Servic...

Matt Mariani   |     25, Apr 2016

CENX Named as Finalist for Cloud Innovat...

Ryan O'Grady   |     17, Apr 2015
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