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In the world of network functions virtualization (NFV), networks are set to become very flexible and dynamic as basic network functions running on dedicated hardware will be replaced by virtual software.

The core principle of NFV is to virtualize traditionally physical resources, such as a firewall or router, allowing network capacity to scale as needed. By virtualizing network infrastructure, service providers can deploy and manage services in a whole new way. In this environment, where infrastructure is abstracted in software, topologies can change in minutes as elements can be added and moved around at the click of a mouse.

Therefore, introducing NFV isn't without its challenges. Manually keeping up with all of the events taking place and potential alarms that can arise in the network is almost impossible. In order to simplify operations, service providers need to understand the changes happening in their network and automate processes.

Watch Telecom TV's interview with CENX's Chris Purdy as they discuss the impact of NFV on the telecom industry and how service providers can prepare their networks.

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