What is the New Cortx Service Orchestration Suite?

    Posted by Erica Watts on Sep 16, 2014 9:17:00 AM

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    We’re very excited to officially launch Cortx, our new suite of software products.


    What is Cortx?

    The CENX Cortx suite is a new suite of software products that automate the entire lifecycle of advanced data services in software-defined networks. These products:

    • Allow service providers to build out necessary network infrastructure, fulfill service orders, and monitor and manage their network, all within a single system
    • Effectively migrate service providers to SDN/NFV
    • Dramatically improve business operations
    • Create new revenue streams, gain service agility, reduce operational costs, and deliver quality-assured data services

    How does Cortx Service Orchestrator fit into the ONF/SDN and ETSI/NFV architectures?

    The market is demanding a breadth of quality-assured network services, including guaranteed enterprise connectivity and access to cloud-based applications, and on-demand dynamically-upgradeable bandwidth. 

    NFV has gained momentum and is being deployed by service providers worldwide. It’s gone beyond the scope of lab and field trials; however, deployments are still limited in scope. In particular, much attention hasn’t been given to the operations side of things.  The ETSI standards body has made great inroads in defining the architecture, including a Management and Orchestration (MANO) component. MANO is necessary but insufficient to achieve the actual goals of NFV:

    • Service Type Agility (rapid rollout of new service types and service improvements)
    • Service Instance Agility (e.g. Connectivity on Demand)
    • Opex cost reduction
    • Service Quality management

    We believe that if a service provider wants to achieve these goals, you need to couple a Service Orchestrator with your NFV rollout.  You won't get there by just deploying NFV and tweaking your existing OSS.

    What Cortx Service Orchestrator features lend themselves specifically to SDN and NFV architectures?

    • Open REST APIs – APIs allow rapid integration to SDN Controllers and NFV Management and Network Orchestration components.
    • Service Orchestration across multiple service types - Cortx Service Orchestrator supports agile fulfillment and continuous assurance for a variety of network services, such as IP VPNs, MPLS core and Ethernet connectivity.
    • Built on distributed virtualized computing technologies - Cortx Service Orchestrator provides the performance and elasticity needed in NFV infrastructure, for network scalability and real-time big data analytics

    What key business benefits do SPs receive by deploying the Cortx Service Orchestrator?

    Cortx Service Orchestrator significantly improves the management of data services, providing a unified service fulfillment and service assurance tool.  It gains control of the ever-growing volume of network data and turns that data into actionable intelligence for service assurance and inter-carrier capacity and SLA management.  Service Providers can benefit with:

    • 80% reduction of services turn-up time
    • 70% improvement in inventory accuracy
    • 40% savings in operations and implementation, e.g. reduction in alarm triage time

    For more information on Cortx, please contact or read our Cortx Service Orchestrator data sheet

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